German Lessons

Villa Romana, Florence, September 2009

Artget Gallery, Belgrade Cultural Center, May - June, 2010

Magazzino 26, Trieste, June - November 2011

National Muesum of Kraljevo, May 27 - June 8, 2014

Patience (Another Gaze / Public Works)

presented in Public Works

Kalemegdan Fortress / Museum of Contemporary Art

Belgrade, 2010


Gallery of the Belgrade Cultural Center, 2003

October Salon, Belgrade 2003

Museum of Literature, Sarajevo, 2004

La Corte Arte Contemporanea, Florence, 2004-2015

Siena Art Institute, 2011

Belgrade: Another Gaze

an initiative for social inclusion, exchange of knowledge and new narrative itineraries

Belgrade - various locations

Orphic Fragments

artist-in-residence project for Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo / La Corte Arte Contemporanea, Florence

October / November 2006

Perfect Future

1998 - 2001

Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade

Fabbrica Europa, Florence

Museum of Civilization / La Chambre Blanche, Quebec City

Gallery Edward Lear, Berat, Albania

Missing Places

KC Grad

European Center for Culture and Debate

Belgrade, August 2012

Infinity Enclosed

(curatorial project)

Belgrade Cultural Center

SACI Gallery, Florence



presented in Missing Places

KC Grad, August 2012

and in Life is now very, very different, Gallery 73, October-November 2010


(research project at the Museum of Anthropology, Florence)

as presented in Something Like a Mirror

National Museum of Kraljevo, Serbia

May 27 - June 8, 2014

Something Like a Mirror

lambda prints and text on 8 panels

as presented in Voyages, literary magazine  of the New York University in Florence, 2016, and in Something Like a Mirror

National Museum of Kraljevo, Serbia

May 27 - June 8, 2014

Places / The Origin of

the Romantic Suicide

Casa Guidi, Florence, December 2010

Minimal Time Lapse

with Elisa Biagini

(work in progress)

Life is now very,

very different

photographic prints, text, video, Gallery 73, Belgrade, September 2010

The Disappearing of Professor Petrovic

as presented in Something Like a Mirror

National Museum of Kraljevo, Serbia

May 27 - June 8, 2014

Lusitania (exhibition)

video / audio 9’51”

model, mixed media, text, documentary material

as presented in Far and Close, Macura Museum, Serbia

June 20 - July 20, 2015

Luzitanija (novel)

publisher: Besna kobila

Belgrade, 2017

language: Serbian

“Lusitania”, a novel by Dejan Atanackovic, brings together two apparently unrelated subjects of the First World War: the famous British passenger ship and Belgrade’s psychiatric hospital. In May 1915, under strange circumstances, Lusitania is sunk by a torpedo of a German submarine. In October the same year, Belgrade is conquered by the Austrian and German troops. The psychiatric hospital acquires an extraterritorial status, while on its soil an unusual parliamentary republic is formed by hospital’s staff and patients. This is the starting point, around which the novel develops into numerous stories, of searching and disappearing, of madness and progress, of the senselessness of war…

Other works

Fixed Points

photographic objects,