Patience (Another Gaze / Public Works)

Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade

September - November 2010

The exhibition entitled Public Works, as part of the project Belgrade: Another Gaze, presented works by Michele Dantini, Lorenzo Pezzatini, Kinkaleri, as well as my collaborative work with Elisa Biagini. The installations conceived for the Belgrade fortress, Kalemegdan, were planned as a temporary shift in the function of the place. The works were created with a purpose to offer a narrative occasion for the activity of alternative guides – persons with disability and members of minority groups – who supplemented and completed the works by guiding the visitors through the exhibition. I curated the show in collaboration with Zoran Eric (Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade).

The Pazienza installation, located in the vicinity of the Museum of natural history, consisted in red and white begonia flowers that formed the Italian word ‘patience’. The work was presented during the opening by an alternative guide, Lara, a person with the Down syndrome.

1  Kinkaleri

2  Dejan Atanackovic & Elisa Biagini 

3  Lorenzo Pezzatini 

4  Michele Dantini

IMAGES: Pazienza >

Michele Dantini: Waving Archive

Lorenzo Pezzatini: Shooting FILO

Kinkaleri: Solitario


installation view, begonia flowers 1000x150cm

“This is "Pazienza". This patience is written with begonia flowers. I saw begonia flowers in Budva long ago. Since then nothing has changed. Neither begonias have changed. We are all begonias. We last, we understand and we try to be positive. We last, we understand... and we have to be patient.”

Lara Radjenovic, alternative guide

camera: Maud Reitz