Since 2004, the Outside Project has been developed as a project of students and experts exchange in art education. It takes place in Florence and Belgrade. It is accomplished annually as a dynamic 3-week program of workshops and seminars dedicated to the study of cities. More than 300 students and lecturers from art universities in Serbia, Italy, USA and Holland participated in these exchange programs. Outside Project included numerous exhibitions by guest artists, including Robert Gligorov, Virgilio Sieni, Kinkaleri, Michele Dantini, Elisa Biagini, Edoardo Malagigi, Lorenzo Pezzatini, Next Question. The Outside Project has been presented at the UNESCO Conference on Art Education held in Lisbon, March 6-9, 2006.

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East Exit is a program open to art students in Eastern Europe based on scholarships offered by the Siena Art Institute. The program is a semester abroad dedicated to a large range of students interests. It takes place in Fall and Spring term. The offered courses include Painting, Sculpture, Multimedia and Installation, Photography, Book Making, Art and Society, Art History, Contemporary Art Poetics, Italian Language and Culture. The program also includes a special residence program open to professors from the partner schools. Currently, East Exit partnerships include academies in Italy, Serbia, Macedonia, Moldavia, Albania, Montenegro and Ukraine.

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